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Our Response to Covid-19

As concerns about COVID 19 grow in our community we at Carpetime would like to share with you the measures we’re taking to protect our customers and employees.

We’re currently open for business with normal hours. We’re practicing social distancing as recommended by health professionals and recommend our customers do the same.

  1. If you have symptoms, self-isolate.
  2. If a family member shows symptoms self-isolate.
  3. People at high-risk even with no symptoms should self-isolate.
  4. Everyone should social distance
We’ve made our staff aware of the different symptoms between the coronavirus, common cold, and flu so that they might better determine what should be a concern and what should not.

All employees and subcontractors have been encouraged to stay home if they have any signs or symptoms of the coronavirus, cold or flu.

We’ve always had our warehouse equipped with water and hand soap so that not only our installers, but also delivery persons can wash their hands. Our offices and showrooms have similar access and we’ve added hand sanitizer to the mix. We’ll continue with these best practices indefinitely.

We’re cleaning our showrooms and any high traffic areas regularly.

Our vendors are in contact with us, reassuring us that they’re taking appropriate measures to limit their exposure and ours, while still delivering needed product.

We’ve encouraged any of our customers who feel more comfortable doing business over the phone or via email to do so. Our product catalog and design ideas are available on our website –

Any customers who desire pushing back an installation date will be accommodated. If material for your job has not been special ordered, that job can be cancelled if needed.

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