Explaining the fantastic longevity of hardwood flooring

Explaining the fantastic longevity of hardwood flooring

One of the great benefits of hardwood flooring lies in its longevity. Its endurance is often considered part of beauty because it stands up to wear so well.

A life span of 100 years

There are plenty of buildings with hardwood floors that were built decades ago. However, the floors still look gorgeous!

Wood flooring is like fine wine. It only gets better with age.

These things will help you maximize the longevity

Not all hardwoods have the same level of hardness. If you have extra durability needs, tell the flooring expert who will guide you to the right one.

The type of finish is necessary because that's what protects the floors. Also, check the warranties to see when you'll need a new coating.

At our hardwood flooring company, you'll find a complete inventory of species, colors, textures, and widths. We will also speak to you about the types of finishes to help you get the best.

Proper installation also plays a significant role. It often requires continual moisture readings and possibly subfloor restoration.

Maintaining your wood floors

Both engineered, and solid versions are low maintenance. Wipe spills immediately, especially in the case of solid hardwood flooring.

Dust mop regularly, vacuum weekly, and clean and polish every couple of months. Also, consider placing mats at entrances and in hallways so people don't drag dirt and moisture into the house.

Your area's flooring experts

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