Making a difference with ceramic & porcelain

Floor coverings are an unavoidable necessity in the average home, but you make your home above-average with ceramic & porcelain. Since no one can get away with NOT purchasing flooring, it’s best to go ahead and get what you really want, right from the start. While certain facts have to be considered, such as budget and preferences, you can still make the most of your floor shopping experience.

Carpetime has over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, and this includes almost every floor covering available. In addition to our devotion to products and services, we also strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and have done so for the residents of Grand Junction, CO, Fruita, CO, and Palisade, CO all this time. If you’ll stop by our Grand Junction, CO showroom, we’d love to match you with the perfect floor covering for your home as well.

Ceramic & porcelain can change your atmosphere

When most people hear about ceramic & porcelain tile, they almost always think of the bathroom. For a long time, that has been the most obvious placement of this flooring, and for good reason. It has a great resistance to humidity, moisture, and temperature changes, and it inhibits the growth of bacteria, making it incredibly hypoallergenic. With the proper glaze or coating, it can even be placed inside the shower. Because of the likelihood of bathroom placement, most homeowners don’t consider it for rooms such as dining rooms, living rooms or bedroom. If that’s the case, you might not know what you’ve been missing out on. Since ceramic & porcelain tile can be arranged in so many different designs, it’s just perfect for these rooms. Used in intricate mosaics, it can not only create a very unique room design, it can also be the perfect conversation starter during get-together’s. In the bedroom, porcelain tile can create a beautiful all-natural look that leaves no room for allergens, dust, dirt, or debris. This means it can create a room that is a haven for allergy sufferers. Foyers, hallways, and kitchens will greatly benefit from tile flooring as well, since they are prone to take on lots of moisture. Soggy boots, damp paws and little wet feet can track in more water than you might think on a rainy day. Tile not only makes cleanup a breeze, but it gives you peace of mind against the worry of water damage as well.

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