How to choose the perfect hardwood flooring

How to choose the perfect hardwood flooring

All wood flooring is rich, warm, and elegant. It instantly up levels your home, adds value to your property, is timeless and versatile enough to work with any decor. All hardwood isn't the same, however, with some species being harder than others. Be sure to tell the experts at your hardwood flooring company if you have extra durability needs.

If you're installing in a room prone to excess moisture

As we all know by now, moisture is public enemy #1 of solid hardwood flooring, but we don't know that there's another version of wood flooring called engineered hardwood floors. Solid and engineered look similar on the surface; for example, you can have your beautiful oak floor, maple, or whatever is your species of choice, but the construction is different underneath.

While solid is one thickness throughout, engineered is layered by combining genuine wood with resin, then placing the layers crosswise. This results in a wood floor that's more stable and better able to handle water.

What look are you hoping to achieve?

Think about the texture because that is what gives the floor personality. Some choices are wire-brushed, hand-scraped, weathered, and smooth. Do you have a preferred grain pattern? Logs are cut three ways, each with its distinctive design; do you like little peaks called cathedrals, something with long, linear lines, or a combination of both?

What about color tones? Right now, light floor and earthy neutrals are all the rage, but you're certainly not limited to that; don't buy something just because it's a trend, but because you love it. Light tones make a room look airy, contemporary and they might even visually enlarge it. On the other hand, dark tones are elegant, traditional, and dramatic, especially in the darkest dark.

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