Three benefits of hardwood flooring

Three benefits of hardwood flooring

If your chosen material for your upcoming remodel is wood flooring, you're in good company. Hardwood is one of the most sought-after floor coverings on the market.

There are many benefits to choosing this floor covering for your home. And here are three benefits that top the list for your consideration.

1. Hardwood offers a very long lifespan

With professional installation, solid wood can last well over 100 years or more. So, you may never have to replace these floors once they're in place.

The long lifespan comes thanks to a wealth of durable attributes. And we'll help you choose the best match for your specific needs for wood flooring.

2. These floors are some of the most visually customizable

Choosing your species, stain color, and texture are ways of customizing these surfaces. Match your decor, choose a trend, or create something brand new.

You'll love the results that come from mixing and matching these choices. And you might find a perfect mix for your needs, so consider all your options.

3. You can refinish these floors when necessary

As long as these floors last, you will eventually see signs of wear on your floor's surface. This is one way of knowing that your engineered or solid hardwood flooring should be refinished.

Refinishing brings the floors back to a like-new look again. And once refinished, they can last more than a decade or two with regular care.

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